Aurora HDR 2018 App Reviews

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“Aurora HDR 2018 quit unexpectedly” every time

I have mid-2007 iMac 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (a 64-bit processor), w/4 GB installed RAM, running El Capitan 10.11.6. Just installed HDR 2018. (I know this is a minimal config for HDR, but it is supposed to be compatible as Core 2 Duo is a 64-bit processor and running OS X 10.11.6) HDR 2018 will not initialize. I get “Aurora HDR 2018 quit unexpectedly.” everytime I try to start HDR. I have cold rebooted iMac twice. All El Capitan updates are applied. Sent the anonymous Report to Apple. How do I get my money back on a bad product that fails to meet its advertised compatibility? (minor edits 7 hours after initial submission in order to correct two typos.)

App is great but beware no plugins from app store

I’m hoping I end up rewriting this. I spent $79 because all the reviewers said it was good HDR software. The standalone product seems to be, however I wanted the plug in for Lightroom and Photoshop. I don’t want a stand alone product. Ends up there is no way to install the plug in, at least not with the version downloaded from the app store. The software menu items in their manual says to use, don’t exist in the current version. Something is amiss. Note - finally resolved the issues Update - I raised it to four stars because I got a response from Skylum and they were able to fix the no plug in issue. Warning - the App Store version does not offer plug-ins. You have to get that from Sky lum directly. Looks like the App Store sales limited version software. Ugh!!!

This app is AMAZING!

I had the very first version of this app when it came out, and loved it. I have used it to create some AMAZING images. Trey and his team have done such a great job. I was happy to pay the $79 to support this app, even though I had already purchased the desktop version and had no reason to buy again…just like it that much! Looking forward to where it goes! Thanks Trey and team! ~David Foster

As advertised

Who would've thought that one day I would be able to fix the deep shadows of a favorite photo of mine. And remove the layer of “fog” that seems to pervade most of the outdoor photos I’ve taken with Sony RX100 (gen 1) to bring clarity, vividness, and vibrance to them. That day is today. I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Thanks!

Much better with latest update!

Thanks for fixing all my problems! Now app works perfectly! It is awesome app and I can recommend it to everyone who know what is HDR Photography.

Just what i needed

Love this app. Does just what it says it will do. Makes my photos look amazing. Thanks!

A bit pricy, but I can see myself using this a lot

In the past, it seems like I always had to have at least 3 photos with different exposures to use HDR apps, and who remembers that when they get back home from vacation that they might want to do that? This app takes an exisiting single photo and creates what it needs to have some pretty decent HDR results. I am not a huge fan of “extreme HDR” and this give you options for “realistic” among it many thumbnail presets. I also love that I could tweak every possible setting (including for both the top and the bottom) of images to create my own HDR — with the heavy lifting already done — and with very pleasing results. I also love that it integrates with Adobe Photoshop (my go-to photo editing app), which provides tools to add titles, crop, etc. I did find that high quality photos (I used some from a Panasonic Lumix micro 4/3) work much better than low-light iPhone versions, which emphasize every pixel you didn’t see before. However, if you have good, daylight, iPhone photos, they work fine (you’ll want to have at least an iPhone 6 and later). It crashed just once — when it asked if I wanted to rate it, when I agreed, and upon arriving at the web version of the App Store :)

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